“Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul”

”Don’t die without embracing the daring adventure your life was meant to be.”          -Steve Pavlina

As I sit here on the back deck, the wind chime singing, the breeze swirling gently around in the air, & seventy- five degrees with the sun shining I can’t help but feel like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment in time.

For a long time I felt this pressure to go to college, or to find a “big girl” job. I however, was never the school person. I would actually skip school to go work, because atleast I was making money there. At an early twenty-something years old, I’ve had more jobs than I can even remember. I’ve worked in kitchens, yogurt shops, sales, customer service, logistics, operations, recruiting, janitorial, babysitting, and I’m sure theres more that I’m forgetting. The reason for so many jobs? Because at a young age I watched my parents work jobs they were miserable at, because they didn’t have a choice. They had bills up to their ears, 6 kids, a house, multiple cars, and a lot of debt. I watched them spend 40+ hours a week in a job where they weren’t happy, just to make ends meet. That’s when I promised myself that I would never stay at job where I was unhappy. I realized that life really is so short, and we spend  majority of our time working a job instead of spending that time with family and loved ones. So now, I work from home doing data entry, I serve on the weekend for a couple of hours, I have my own cleaning business, and I babysit when I feel like making some extra money. The beauty of all of those jobs? I work a total of ohh I don’t know, 25 hours a week… Ish. I choose if I feel like working any extra, because majority of the time I’d rather be hiking, swimming, and adventuring. Am I the wealthiest? Nope. Do I have really nice name-brand things? only if I receive it as a present. Do I go shopping every week? no. Do I eat fancy meals out? Not unless it’s a celebration or we’re vacationing. I guess my point of this post is, we’re all taught from a very young age that 12 years of traditional school is the norm. We’re taught that college is next, and after that it’s time to settle down, start a family, maybe buy a home. Anything other than that is considered untraditional. But who is to say that anything different is untraditional? Want to know my dream or what I think to be traditional? I want to be one-hundred percent debt free by the time I’m twenty-five. I want to move from place to place every couple years and truly experience life in different settings. I want to meet people from all over that I can call lifelong friends. I want to spend as much time as humanly possible with the ones I love, instead of the people I work with. I want to accept everything in life, good or bad as an amazing experience and learn from it. I want see as many beautiful places as possible. Any new experience that I’m able to do, I’ll do.

I choose to be me, even if that means I’m not the person everyone expected me to be.         I choose to create my own version of traditional life.                                                              Last but not least, I choose my happiness over everything else in the world.

So much love for all of you!



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