See ya later?

“For there is no friend like a sibling in calm or stormy weather; to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if on totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands” – unknown

With our days left in Georgia getting shorter, our house becoming nothing but a couple of boxes and a bed, and our days being scheduled so we can see as many people as possible before we leave, shit is definitely getting real. I am the oldest of six beautiful souls. We range in age from 23 to 8 and while I’m excited to start an adventure on the opposite side of the country, I can’t help but realize just how much I’m going to miss my siblings. We’ve fought, threatened, cried, laughed, adventured, and grown together in a way that only we understand. We have our gru accents and our inside jokes, our nicknames and our singing parties. I’ve never, ever lived more than 10 miles away from all of them at once and in about a month I will be 2,600+ miles away. I’ll be in a different time zone.. I’ll miss birthdays, holidays, and life changing events. And although all of that saddens me, I know that no matter what I will always have the bond that we share now.
to buggie:
the first person to have ever changed my life in such a drastic way.. I’m so proud of the woman you have become, the mother you are, and the wife you will one day be.
to moose:
my not so little sidekick, I’m so grateful for your sense of humor, the heart that you share with everyone, and the amount of wisdom you have at your age. I’m so proud of the person you are, and I can’t wait to watch you become an adult.
to dillpickle:
my pain in the ass little brother.. the way you look at life blows my mind. In your short time, you have had to grow up much faster than anyone I’ve ever known. I’m so proud of the big brother you are, and how you take care of Maddie moo and kabob-bub (Even if you’re picking on them most of the time). You are an incredible dude.
to maddiemoo:
my mini. you, my love are the most caring little girl I’ve ever known. the amount of love you give to each and every person you meet makes my heart so happy. please stay my little funky, loving, and carefree soul.
to kabob-bub:
the chillest of us all. sometimes we all get into the habit of rushing around, and because of you we’re reminded that we need to take our time and enjoy life one moment at a time.  Don’t forget, one day you’ll be bigger than dill 😉
to ducky:
the first of the family adoptions. my very best friend of 10+ years. to the person who I have turned to for everything throughout life so far. I’m so beyond grateful for our friendship. we’ve fought, laughed, cried, and endured so much of life together. I’m amazed at the strength that you have, and the brains in your noggin. I can’t wait to see you graduate and pursue you’re dreams of being a special needs teacher.  I’ll miss you lots bestie. *beep beep*
I can’t express the amount of love and admiration I have for each and every one of you. yes, we all get annoyed with one another from time to time. yes, us older kids are a lot harder on you younger ones, but it’s because we care. And yes, I’ll be thousands of miles away, in less than a month. But please remember, I’m just a phone call away.
I love you all, for exactly the person you are.
I can’t bring myself to say goodbye,
so for now it’s a “See ya later”



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