a real good day

 “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere”
-Vincent Van Gough

Do you ever just have a really, and I mean reeeeallly good day? The kind of day when you look back at it you’re immediately smiling, or giggling by yourself at something that happened? Well, today was just that. Today we woke up to our fur babies kisses and cuddles, made some breakfast, and headed for Roswell Mill Park. We didn’t realize just how busy it would be on a Sunday but it was absolutely beautiful, brown waters and all… lol. We took our time hiking and stopping from time to time to look at the pretty landscapes. When we got home, we took a little nap on the couch with the puppies as our blankets.. I swear they’re like little space heaters. After our nap we went up to Sprouts to get some groceries and stopped in at Zoe’s Kitchen for some dinner to-go. We came back home and realized that the puppies were full of energy and decided to go play some disc at Oregon Park. We watched the sun set while playing through the course and the pinks and purples that the sky created were absolutely breathtaking. We sat there, took a couple of deep breaths and just really appreciated the beauty of nature. It’s so calming sometimes just to be outdoors. Of course, with us deciding to pack up and move in less than 4 weeks we’re a little stressed out with our to-do lists. But moments like this.. they make it all ok. Plus, a Butterfinger blizzard at the end of the night never hurts.



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