Nature’s Magic: Sope Creek Roswell, GA


Today was a wonderful day with the kiddos, spent out in the sun sweating our buns off. But for real.. summer in Georgia, is NO joke y’all. This year, has been something fierce and it’s making me more and more excited to be over in the PNW in just a matter of weeks! Anywho, back to my day with the kiddos lol. Today I picked them up early and we adventured to the ATL Zoo, with Dillpickle as my co-pilot we made it there without getting lost..that’s more than I can say when JT’s copilot (now is when I think back on saying yes to driving across the country with him, haha). We arrived, we conquered, and we celebrated with some dip’n’dots… WHO doesn’t love that shit?! But after hours of walking around a gated park with these magnificent animals stuck in caged areas, my heart needed some open waters.. somewhere in nature where anything could happen. So on our way home, we took a little detour over to Sope Creek and hiked down to the water. When we reached the bottom of the trail we saw this beautiful clear river that filled our ears with the most beautiful rippling sounds and our noses with the stinky river smells.. but that’s besides the point. There were rocks everywhere, and I didn’t waste a minute taking off my shoes to walk across the river. As the kids realized that they were going to get to climb the rocks, their eyes lit up with so much excitement. Not only did this make my heart so happy, it made me realize how the simplest of things can make people so genuinely happy. We spent a day spending money, taking pictures, and reading about these really cool species, and yet climbing a river of rocks meant so much more to them. The magic of nature never ceases to amaze me, and I’m so grateful to have as much as I want of it. I highly recommend checking out the sope creek trail. It’s dog friendly, cost $3 to park, offers amazing views, and has bike trails. It’s also super close to a KaleMeCrazy, which makes for a perfect afternoon!

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