About Me!

Well, here it goes… my about me.. I feel like its almost awkward to try and describe yourself.. anyone else feel like this? I guess my name would be a good place to begin, it’s Arianna, and I’m one of those twentysomething millennials who believes everyone should be nice and love each other.. I know, I know.. keep the eye rolls to a minimum please. I am originally from Exeter, NH and have lived majority of my life in Kennesaw, GA. I’m a professional at forgetting to respond to calls/emails/texts… really any form of communication, you can thank my extremely scattered brain for that. I’m the oldest of six kiddos, which makes for crazy fun family gatherings. The F-word is probably my favorite, I apologize in advance for my foul mouth, but I gotta keep shit real. I am obsessed with the outdoors, adventures, new experiences, good food, and my little family. Justin is my boyfriend of 4+ years and together we have two fur babies, Myleigh (our craigslist baby, who we think is an Australian shepherd and husky mix) and Wilson (our clumsy and very special little man, who is an Australian shepherd). I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression my whole life, but I realized that a healthy dose of the outdoors with the ones you love and a joint can fix just about everything. Well.. I think that’s just about all there is to know, follow along on our travels and as we slowly transition to the nomadic lifestyle. Much love to all of you!